Criação de folhetos com AI

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Create an engaging social media poster with color code of blue and on the right side put european human model looking on front side and use gradient colors 
Content to Include:

Main Headline: "Software for all"
" Website"
"Landing Page"
"App Mobile"
"AI Design"
"All Automation"
Subline: "All in One Platform System"
Call to Action (CTA): " "
Design Specifications:

Style: The design should be modern, sleek, and professional, reflecting the sophistication of the all-in-one platform.
Color Palette: Utilize a contemporary color scheme with a mix of bold and muted tones, such as blue, gray, and white, to convey professionalism and trustworthiness.
Imagery: Incorporate icons or symbols representing each component of the system, such as funnels, websites, CRM, and automation tools.
Layout: Organize the layout with the main headline at the top, followed by the subpoints listed in a clear and visually appealing manner. Ensure that the call to action stands out prominently.
Typography: Use clean and modern fonts for both the headline and body text to ensure readability and convey a sense of professionalism.
Additional Elements:

Include illustrations or icons representing the various components of the system to visually enhance each point.
Utilize subtle animations or visual effects to capture attention and make the poster more engaging.
Ensure that the call to action is compelling and encourages viewers to take immediate action, such as booking a call or learning more about the system.

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